i Doc

Pediatric Ophthalmologists

Little Eyes. Big Focus.

Using iMedicWare’s comprehensive pediatric ophthalmic templates, developed by leading pediatric ophthalmologists, users can easily record findings and treatment plans for a wide variety of diseases.

The pediatric template allows easy recording of cardinal positions of gaze, head position, nystagmus, and tests such as forced duction, cranial nerve, and visual acuity using multiple symbols.

Image Management

iMedicWare’s unique drawing capability and functionality allows for quick comprehensive documentation of ocularotory abnormalities while allowing users to easily annotate both retinal and external photos. Users also have the option to design their own customized drawing templates.

iMedicWare’s image manager allows physicians to compare multiple visits on the same screen, making it easy to document the presence or absence of disease progression. Users can also compare tests from multiple diagnostic modalities at the same time e.g., OCT with retinal photographs.

Smart Charting

iDoc learns and remembers common care plans, treatments, and orders for each diagnosis, procedure, and set of observations. The templates automatically adapt and display only certain fields and areas depending on the type of visit, physician, and/or the physician’s subspecialty.

Comprehensive Flow Sheets

Procedure flow sheets automatically import information from procedure notes and lab tests making it easy for physicians to track and follow treatment protocols, ensuring high quality care.