i Doc

Cornea Specialists

Heighten Your Field of Vision.

Corneal surgeons can easily record findings and treatment plans for a wide variety of conditions.

Image Management

iMedicWare’s unique drawing capability and functionality allows for quick comprehensive documentation of corneal pathology while allowing users to easily annotate photos and angiograms. Design your own customized drawing templates and icons or choose from those available within the system’s library.

The image manager allows physicians to compare images from multiple visits on the same screen, making it easy to document the presence or absence of disease progression. Users can also compare tests from multiple diagnostic modalities simultaneously.

SMARTTM Charting

iDoc learns and remembers your common care plans, treatments, and orders for each diagnosis, procedure, and set of observations. The templates automatically adapt and display only certain fields and areas depending on the type of visit, physician, and/or the physician’s subspecialty.

"Our office had become dysfunctional; half our doctors gave up on our first EMR and resorted to paper charts, and our PM and optical systems did not work or integrate as advertised. The prospect of migrating the entire office at once to iMedicWare was daunting, but everyone agreed it was much easier than expected. We are on our path to office harmony after just a few weeks. We're never looking back!" Suresh Mandava, M.D., Greenwich Ophthalmology

Automated Charge Management

To maximize collections, iMedicWare ensures that no charges are lost. All tests that are performed, whether it be an OCT, VF, Corneal Topography, or Gonioscopy, are billed with the software’s unique linking functionality.

Comprehensive Flow Sheets

Procedure flow sheets automatically import information from chart notes and lab tests, making it easy for physicians to track and follow treatment protocols, ensuring high quality care.