6 Ways Your EHR
Could Work for you

Chart Your Way

One of the benefits of charting with iMedicWare is that its flexibility allows you to proceed through the encounter and document your findings in the manner in which you find most convenient. Because there are a variety of ways to annotate a finding, iMedicWare works for you without requiring you to modify your workflow.

See What You Need to See

iMedicWare offers customizable chart note templates for particular visits. This enables you to view only the sections of the chart note that are pertinent to the visit type, making it even easier to focus on annotating findings.

The New Within Normal Limits

Easily annotate anything that is within normal limits (WNL) with a single click. With iMedicWare, you can create customizable phrases for each section of the chart note. By selecting WNL, your pre-set annotations will automatically populate the chart. Selecting WNL will not rewrite any data that has been entered, and all information is preserved. Documenting WNL findings is quick, clear, and convenient.

The Art Of The Chart Note

iMedicWare’s robust drawing tool enables you to document findings just by annotating them in the drawing. Making an annotation in the drawing will automatically insert a corresponding entry within the chart note.

Even Your Tests Have A Profile

iMedicWare enables you to create test templates which you can select during an encounter to quickly document your findings. The test template will automatically annotate your pre-set interpretations from the test template, and you are able to make any modifications as necessary.

Chart Smart

To expedite the charting process, you are able to create Smart Phrases, which include your most frequently used phrases while charting. Rather than having to type the entire phrase, iMedicWare enables you to type in the first few letters of your Smart Phrase, and then select to have the rest of the phrase filled in. Not only does this save time, but it is entirely customizable, designed to work with how you prefer to make your annotations.