About Us

iMedicWare, Inc. is a leading provider of certified EMR/EPM and ASC software specifically designed for ophthalmologists. Founded in 2006, iMedicWare was created by a group of multi-specialty ophthalmologists who sought to create an efficient, paperless, solution. The end result is that iMedicWare delivers the best, physician-approved, EMR, EPM, and ASC software solutions for ophthalmology practices and ambulatory surgery centers of any size, specialty, and scope.

Our Team's Core Values

As a reputable and accredited software company of standing, always holding ourselves to the highest of standards, it is our intention as your EMR/EPM business partner:

And as challenges come along, to work with you and because of our experience in software design and of our understanding of your work, to respond to your needs often before you have even begun to think about them. In this way, we will help you to realize your full business potential.