i MedicWare

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User Experience and Workflow

UI is natural as a paper chart with an intelligently designed intuitive workflow. Everything that a physician needs is on one page; there’s no need to jump through multiple windows. iMW offers an EMR that’s designed to work for the practice, not the other way around. Our physicians love that they can complete a chart note in 6 – 8 mouse clicks.


Expedited Efficiency

iMW offers an EHR that accelerates documentation so that physicians can stay focused on patient care.


Comprehensive and Accessible

iMW offers an all-inclusive Ophthalmology EHR (EPM & EMR) and Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) EHR solution that is adaptable to every internet-ready device. The system is completely browser based, so there is no software to install. Staff can feel comfortable accessing patient information on all computers, tablets, and mobile devices anywhere and anytime.



Tracks patient and staff movement within the office, highlighting potential bottlenecks and improving practice efficiency while decreasing patient waiting times. With iMedicMonitor, one is able to look at upcoming patients for the day, identify location and status of each checked-in patient, receive extended wait time alerts, and track average visit and wait time for reporting purposes to determine areas of improvement and increase staff productivity.



iPortal allows the patient to access their physician’s practice on any device, update all of their information, view their prescriptions and statements, and even communicate with their physician using secure messaging. The portal also provides each patient access to their specific educational materials.

With iPortal, patients will be able to view a Physician’s availability within the iPortal and request an appointment during a particular time. After the patient requests an appointment via iPortal, it will populate within iMedicWare’s Scheduler as a calendared appointment.

iPortal can easily be customized to fit your practice’s needs and can be used to help understand your patients’ needs and requirements, helping provide better patient care while providing valuable information to both new and existing patients.


End to End Revenue Management Solution

From handling complex payment reconciliation, eliminating denied claims, or flagging/collecting insurance underpayments, iMedicWare is a one-stop solution to solve any revenue cycle challenges any practice is currently facing.


Key Partnership Integrations

iMW offers an EHR that seamlessly integrates with Surescripts, Frames Data, and Real-time eligibility and preauthorization through Change Healthcare.

Our image manager is impressive, integrating seamlessly with DICOM, HL-7, and non-standard ophthalmic imaging equipment. All ophthalmic equipment data and images will automatically get imported into the chart note from the device.


Customer Centric

All support services are included and iMW dedicated Clinical Trainers are on-site for each “go-live” deployment.


All Inclusive EHR with SaaS

Our price is all inclusive, so there are no surprise add-ons or yearly maintenance fees. All software updates are included.


Ahead of the Curve

iMW is committed to staying ahead of the curve and able to easily adapt to new regulatory and industry requirements.